"Replicating the type of comprehensive full-service medical care provided to the President of the United States, his family and members of the Executive Branch."

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Current medical offerings are sub-optimal, creating health risks, inconvenience, and potentially life-threating situations.  White House Medical’s service offerings provide time savings, peace of mind, and even life-saving capability.  Rather than just offering advice, we offer solutions—actual capability that can put the solutions at your fingertips.



Presidential Care

WHMG Presidential Care offering provides 24/7, worldwide coverage for discriminating individuals who want the ultimate in convenience, safety and security for themselves and their families. This plan covers multiple residences, travel, and remote locations such as vacation homes, yachts, jets, etc. Wherever our clients are in the worlds, they have direct, instant access to our team of expert physicians.

Utilizing our state of the art telemedicine capability and pre-positioned medical equipment, our skilled team of former White House physicians can administer service nearly as effectively as if they were on location, saving hours of time and anxiety for routine medical needs—and possibly saving your life in an emergency situation. Ensuring the health and safety of our clients and their families—with the utmost of convenience and discretion, is our business. For those who recognize that their most important asset—their health—should be taken seriously, we have a serious solution.

Engaging White House Medical to provide coverage involves an inaugural membership fee that establishes you and your family as an exclusive member of White House Medical Group and an annual subscription fee.

Presidential Care Service — Premium offering covering you and your family in multiple locations, and while traveling as well as at home, ensuring total lifestyle coverage

Presidential Care supports the lifestyles of clients who maintain multiple domiciles, travel, and want the ultimate in flexibility, service responsiveness, security and discretion:

  • Direct, instantaneous access, any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world to a team of physicians primarily made of up of former White House and current Harvard Medical physicians, experienced in remote management of emergency and urgent medical situations
  • Patient centered wellness care packages include visits to premium wellness resorts and a plethorea of monitoring options
  • Advanced travel planning—including detailed medical travel advisories for international destinations, narrative summaries of medical and security risks, and advice on any medical treatments recommended in advance of travel
  • Access to proprietary database of the best specialists and hospitals both domestically and around the world, ensuring the best possible care for any situation or condition
  • Coordination and integration with existing primary care and concierge medical resources (when present), and interfacing with specialists around the world, ensure a continuity of care which is convenient and uncompromising
  • In-person physician visit for the inaugurations of the patient/physician relationship and the highly confidential acquisition for personal medical information. This exchange also provides the final scoping of the required equipment and medical supplies to support the needs of the client
  • Semi-annual in-person visits (if desired by client) with one of our White House Medical Group physicians to update records, track medical history and progress, and perform a comprehensive medical evaluation
  • Expert medical second opinions from giving you peace of mind that you are receiving the best possible medical care
  • Unlimited time and access to seek medical advice, or simply ask questions and get answers from our team of outstanding physicians
  • Customized personal medical kits and essential medical equipment
  • Video teleconferencing and telemedicine gear—White House Medical provides state of the art video teleconferencing and telemedicine equipment to give our physicians a direct “view” to the patient
  • Annual in-home training and orientation for the proper use of the equipment for you and your home staff
  • Annual updates of medical supplies and software and a personalized annual health report that you can use for tax purposes

We invite you to discuss a tailored service offering for you and your family.

Premier Consulting Service

WHMG now offers a unique consulting service that exploits the vast expertise of its founders and executive team. With greater than seventy-five years combined experience in disaster medicine, telemedicine, and pre-hospital emergency medicine, this team is uniquely positioned to provide high level guidance and oversight to projects involving the design, implementation, and management of programs in this space. WHMG engages a few discriminating clients each year on a case by case basis to provide solutions to complex problems that incorporate this distinctive clinical and technical expertise.

To contact us, email: info@whitehousemedical.com or phone: (+1) 202-642-4478