"Replicating the type of comprehensive full-service medical care provided to the President of the United States, his family and members of the Executive Branch."

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Countless hours are wasted in doctors’ offices and emergency rooms, and lives are needlessly lost due to slow response to emergency situations. Our ReadyRoom capability solves these problems—bringing a full spectrum of medical capability into your home. Situations from the routine to life-threatening can be dealt with quickly and with precision and discretion.


A ReadyRoom is an installation of medical equipment, supplies and medication that is prepositioned in a client’s home (primary residence and/or remote vacation home), jet, or yacht. Custom-tailored to the needs and the client and his/her family and location, the ReadyRoom’s state of the art technology allows our Presidential physicians to direct the proper use of the medicine, supplies, and equipment either via telephonic or advanced video teleconferencing links.
Overlaid by the appropriate service agreement, the ReadyRoom:

  • Provides instantaneous in-home access for clients to White House physicians. In the event of a medical need, this “installation” can be transformed quickly into a custom medical facility. State of the art scopes, high resolution cameras, diagnostic and laboratory equipment relay images and data to the physicians allowing them to diagnose a broad range of healthcare needs ranging from minor (e.g. rashes, throat and ear infections) to catastrophic (e.g. cardiac events, physical trauma and anaphylactic reactions).
  • Closes the critical gap between the time of an event and the time a “first responder” can get to the scene. For remote or in-transit events, regional EMS is often not able to respond in a timely or effective manner—making this a potentially life-saving capability.
  • Offers a customized approach to respond to the unique needs of clients and their families. White House Medical physicians meet with their clients at length in order to determine how the ReadyRoom capability might best suit their needs. Because clients’ medical needs and daily living styles vary, no two ReadyRooms are the same.
  • Allows clients, under the guidance of White House Medical physicians, to avail themselves to the treatment and care provided by a typical doctor’s office visit, an urgent care clinic visit, or in crisis situation, an emergency room visit, without undue public attention and unnecessary exposure to contagions often found in public healthcare venues (MRSA, Staph, etc).
  • Is designed for use by non-medically trained people, under the control and direction of a remote physician. White House Medical conducts training for house staff, security details and family members to familiarize them with the capabilities of the room. Medicine, supplies and equipment are clearly labeled and easy to find/use when guided by a Guardian physician.


To contact us, email: info@whitehousemedical.com or phone: (+1) 202-642-4478