"Replicating the type of comprehensive full-service medical care provided to the President of the United States, his family and members of the Executive Branch."

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About WHMG


For those who demand the best, White House Medical offers an unprecedented level of medical care. Based on the standard of service developed for the President of the United States, no limits are placed on ensuring our clients the ultimate in worldwide medical care and safety for themselves and their families.


Our White House Medical physicians developed the medical systems and protocols for the President of the United States, senior White House officials, and members of the President’s cabinet, ensuring the best possible medical care for these individuals anywhere in the world. Today, the convergence of simplified telemedicine technologies and reliable telecommunications has enabled this same level of service and life-protecting capability to be brought to the private sector.

White House Medical offers worldwide, 24 hour direct access to former White House and physicians—the same physicians who provided direct medical care for the President of the United States and his Cabinet. These physicians bring an unparalleled healthcare standard for our clients while in the air, traveling on the ground or simply at home. “Unparalleled” because, against the vagaries and varying standards of healthcare around the world, White House Medical provides its clients care that is always, without exception, convenient, discreet, and uncompromising in its clinical and service quality.

How are we different?

White House Medical is medicine as a service, not medicine as an inconvenient fact of life. When serving the President, White House physicians rendered their care when and where deemed appropriate by the White House. White House Medical serves it clients with this same measure of pliancy. Our physicians meet with a client and/or their family to understand their medical needs or concerns and the manner in which they want them attended. From this relationship, White House Medical will tailor its “advance work” by providing a client’s home(s), yachts, and aircraft with equipment, supplies, and medications appropriate to meet their desires for convenience and personal safety.

Guided by physician recommendations, but conforming to the client wishes, White House Medical provide convenient and discreet premium medical services.

To contact us, email: info@whitehousemedical.com or phone: (+1) 202-642-4478