"Replicating the type of comprehensive full-service medical care provided to the President of the United States, his family and members of the Executive Branch."

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The White House Medical Group (WHMG) provides elite levels of health and wellness care to the most discerning patients around the globe. The same Physicians who were entrusted to care for United States Presidents and their families are now available to you and your family. Our Physicians take a personalized approach to each patient's health care plan. Our service is private, discreet, and extremely convenient for the patient. WHMG uses advanced communications technology to facilitate care at the time and place of choosing, such your home estate, aircraft, yacht, or while traveling abroad.

Our Promise

  • Our advanced technologies ensure a 24/7 private and immediate personal consultation with a top-notch White House-level physician.
  • Services tailored to your needs for a 100% personal and private answers to your medical needs
  • A proactive medical approach that can include wellness packages to maximize your chances of living a full, healthy and conscious life

Our Services

We invite you to contact us to tailor a customized health offering based upon your individual needs.

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Contact Us

To contact us, email: info@whitehousemedical.com
phone: (+1) 202-642-4478